Division 1 College Lacrosse Players from Indiana: 2022 & Past

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2022 Division 1 College Lacrosse Players from Indiana


Ryan Hallenbeck (Notre Dame, GR, M, Culver Military Academy, Indianapolis)

John Cohen (Syracuse, RS-FR, M, Culver Academy, Carmel)

America East

Ezra Zabukovic (Vermont, FR, M, John Adams, South Bend)


Quentin Carlile (Air Force, SR, D, Cathedral, Indianapolis)

Asher Mendell (Detroit Mercy, JR, A/M, Carmel, Carmel)

Matt Turner (Detroit Mercy, Grad. M, Culver Military, Evansville)

Alex Akins (Detroit Mercy, Grad., LSM, Carmel, Indianapolis)

Big Ten

John Cohen (Johns Hopkins, SO, A, Culver Military Academy, Carmel)


Jack Kelly (Brown, SO, M, Culver Military Academy, Zionsville)

Cam Hitchcock (Dartmouth, FR, D, Culver Academy, Carmel)


Mark Allen (Canisius, SR, M, Carmel, Carmel)

Erik Allen (Canisius, SO, M, Carmel, Carmel)

Max Brooks (Monmouth, GR, M, Hamilton Southeastern High School, Fishers)


William Pippen (Mount St. Mary’s, SO, D, Carmel, Carmel)


Tyler Lahey (Lehigh, FR, A/M, Trinity Pauling (NY), Granger)

Some Past Division 1 College Lacrosse Players from Indiana

Ben Quayle (Duke ’98, M, Gonzaga, Carmel)

Dan Scmitt (Notre Dame ’11, D, Fremd)

Andrew Parchman (Harvard ’11, M, Culver Academy)

Ryne Sternberg (Penn State ’14, D, Culver Academy)

Garret Holst (Denver ’15, A, Hamilton Southeastern)

Will Corrigan (Notre Dame ’15, M, St. Joseph’s)

Brandon Benn (Johns Hopkins ’14, A, Culver Academy)

Bryce Dabbs (Navy ’15, M, Culver Academy)

Kyle Trolley (Notre Dame ’16, M, Culver Academy)

Wyatt Wood (Maryland ’17, M, Cathedral)

Austin Spencer (Hopkins ’17, D, UMASS/Culver, Naperville)

Pierre Byrne (Notre Dame ’18,  M, Culver Military Academy, South Bend)

Beau Bayh (Harvard ’18, A, St. Albans, Indianapolis)

Zack Bucci (Vermont ’18, M, Crown Point High Schooll, Crown Point)

Alex Heger (Robert Morris ’19, G, Senior Carmel High School, Carmel)

Seth Mendell (Detroit Mercy ’20, A, Carmel High School, Carmel)

Turner Lockyear (Bellarmine ’20, M/FO, Castle, Newburgh)

Anthony George (Army ’20, M, Culver Academy, Carmel)

Steven Geske (Quinnipiac/Denver ’21, G, Brebeauf Jesuit Prep, Carmel)

Kaleb Boyl (Hobart ’21, LSM, Carmel High School, Carmel)


Midwest Lacrosse UA All-American

Notre Dame Lacrosse Player John Hallenbeck from Indianapolis, Indiana

Alex Akins Detroit Mercy Lacrosse

Detroit Mercy’s Alex Akins, of Carmel High School and Indianapolis, in action against Notre Dame. (Photo for LaxAcrossAmerica by Jim Harris Photography)

Matt Turner of Detroit Mercy and Evansville

Matt Turner of Detroit Mercy, and Evansville, in action against Notre Dame. (Photo for LaxAcrossAmerica by Jim Harris Photography).

Turner Lockyear Bellarmine Lacrosse

Castle High School’s Turner Lockyear in action for Bellarmine. (Photo for LaxAcrossAmerica by Matthew Pendry/PendryPhoto)